— Vieta

Wine bar 'Vieta' encourages you to leisurely enjoy a selection of wines from a menu where the best fine-wines meet marvels of the European less discovered wine countries in a wide range of prices and vintages. 

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— Wine

This is a home for exceptional wines from Austria and Hungary alongside carefully selected wines from France, Italy, as well as other 'classics' of the Old World; you can try a glass or get a full bottle. We also offer wine tastings and gourmet wine dinners both on regular days and on special occasions. The concept of our wine menu as well as regular updates are done by the sommelier Jānis Volkinšteins who's enthusiastically studying wines in Austria and France. 
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— Kitchen

We also offer wine platters that will go together well with your wine. We focus on locally made cheese and meat, but you'll also find oysters as well as other seafood we have selected from trusted partners from abroad. We also offer bringing in a chef to arrange street-food or fine-wine meals for previously made reservations and tastings.